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Adding Depth to Entertainment – 3D TelevisionAdding Depth to Entertainment – 3D Television

As computer processing power has increased, so has the capability of electronic devices. One of the newest technology fads that have grabbed my attention (and astounded me at times) is the introduction of 3D television. For those of us who are unsure of what this is, allow me to explain. Your regular television is in two dimensions. Basically, you see an image depicted in height and width. If you add a third dimension to this (depth) then the image looks like it is jumping out at you from the screen. So if you are watching a documentary on sharks, the shark will look like it is coming out of the screen.

It Adds a Whole New Dimension

3D televisions do a lot of extra processing to the imagery in order to trick your brain into believing what you are seeing is coming out of the screen. You will also need to use 3D glasses; although companies are developing technology that will allow viewers to watch programs in 3D without glasses. It will also require you to purchase a Blu-ray player with 3D capabilities – Sony has announced a patch that will be applied to their PlayStation 3 consoles to add this extra functionality.

Invest in Some Extra 3D Glasses

You will also need to invest in some extra 3D glasses so that the whole family can enjoy 3D television. These are not cheap and some companies are charging close to two hundred dollars per pair of extra glasses. A lot of the companies will only allow you to use the 3D glasses built for their television. If you don’t use their glasses it will not work. Because the technology is still in its early phase (for consumers) you might be better advised to wait until the next generation of 3D televisions is released.