How to Find a Cheap Computer Repair Service

computer repair

Do you have a computer that needs to be repaired? Are these repairs you cannot do yourself? If so, you need to find a qualified individual to do it for you. Although computer repair services or companies are scattered throughout the country, they tend to charge high rates. You may find luck opting for a part-time computer repairperson. How can you find one?

1 – Determine How Much You Have or Would Like to Spend

If you are on a budget, you need to base your choice on costs. Choose a repairer that you can afford. If you have extra money to spend, compare rates and quality of service. With that said, ensure you aren’t overcharged. If you know what is wrong with your computer, like a failed hard drive, get an estimated cost of repair online and use it as your guide.

2 – Visit

Although Craigslist is an online website, it is designed to connect local consumers. To find a local computer repair service or person, select your state, like Texas, and your city, such as Austin.

3 – Search or Browse Craigslist

You can either search or browse the website. To browse, just visit your city page and look under the heading of “services.” There you will find a section for computers. To search, look at the left-hand side of the page. Change the search settings to services and search for computers or computer repair.

4 – Read All Listings

After searching or browsing, you will get a list of all computer repairpersons in the area, like Austin, Texas. You may have multiple choices, so review each listing to find the best one. This is the person or company that has the best rates and provides the most information. You don’t want to hire someone that just says “I can fix computers.” Know exactly what they have experience fixing.

5 – Start to Make Contact

Some of the individuals who offer their computer repair services on Craigslist are just collect students familiar with computers. They may operate out of their apartment. If you don’t want to meet there, opt for a public place. Better yet, have the repairperson come to your home; just ensure you are not alone.

6 – Pay for the Service

A lot of focus is placed on Craigslist and scams. If you are dropping off your computer to a repairperson, don’t pay ahead of time. They have your money and your computer, meaning they could run and you are left with nothing. If you leave your computer with a person who does not operate a storefront business, get as much information about them as possible.