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The advantage to Move Desktop Software to the CloudThe advantage to Move Desktop Software to the Cloud

Cloud computing is offering some very interesting alternatives to desktop and laptop computing. As more businesses move their operations to the cloud, the viability, reliability and general advantages are starting to become apparent. Cloud computing will continue to have a big impact on the structure and design of software for decades to come.

What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is the general term used to describe internet-based computing as opposed to desktop-based computing. For instance, if an application is placed in the cloud, the core computing, software, and resources are shifted to servers and away from personal computers. If you are looking for more info, Wikipedia has a good article introducing cloud computing.

Who is going to the cloud? It seems that many see cloud-based computing as the next place to be. While the history of such computing goes way back, some of the best examples of this technology have come around more recently. Google has invested considerable resources in cloud-based computing with its Google Docs sweet. Microsoft has incorporated the cloud in their newest versions of Microsoft Office, allowing online document storage and collaboration.
What are the benefits? The benefits of moving applications to the cloud are numerous, but here are a few.

Source Control

The company or individual who uses the cloud for their application has tight control over the source code of their application. The software functionality is generally much harder to reverse engineer, software registration or licensing cannot be bypassed and updates can be made at any time and all users are affected.

No Software to Install

Many software packages come with complicated and time-consuming software to install. It places a burden on IT staff and general users whenever a new computer is purchased or software needs to be reloaded. With cloud-based computing, the software is on the servers so the end-user never needs to worry about installs or keeping software packages up-to-date – this is all done for them.

Simple Cross-Platform Support

Many times software is only available for PCs or for Macs. And more often than naught, the software is only available for certain versions of Windows or Mac OS. Moving software applications to the cloud greatly reduce the headache of being cross-platform. All modern operating systems (OSs) come with web browsers and can connect to the internet and these are the only requirements for accessing a cloud-based application. No need to worry about special compilers or special builds.

Data Back-ups and Reliability

If designed and implemented correctly, cloud-based applications can provide much more reliability than the average desktop computer can. With redundant servers and the impressive failover technologies in place at most data centers, websites can be designed such that they should never go down. Furthermore, data can be stored in redundant disk arrays, on redundant servers, or be configured to be backed-up on a regular basis. A customer’s computer may crash, but their data will be safe with cloud computing.

Usage Statistics

Usage statistics are made readily available when software operates in the cloud. Software developers can quickly and easily see what features their clients use and what features are missed. There is a level of tracking available in the cloud that is not very easily collected with desktop software.

It’s Good for Clients

Your clients will appreciate the cloud-based computing move. Instead of worry about installing proprietary software on every computer they wish to use, they only need to worry about remembering the web address and login. Work at home, in the park, at the coffee shop, or even-heaven forbid-in the office. It won’t matter where or what computer is used if the software is cloud-based.

Are there drawbacks? Cloud-based computing does come with some obstacles that should be taken into account. It is not all just a dream. An experienced and dedicated web programmer will be able to work around these quirks and provide a great user experience no matter what browser is used. Generally speaking, the problems that come with cross-browser support and much less problematic than creating special builds for every OS version.
Internet-access required

While this is a problem that is slowly and steadily disappearing, it is nevertheless a drawback. Some people just don’t have high-speed internet access. Without it, there is no way to tap into the cloud. Also, internet access has been known to go down or become unavailable on occasion. Remember, however, that these issues are slowly becoming more and more minor as the FCC puts into place its broadband internet access plan and people begin to invest in technologies that provide secondary means of internet access (e.g., cell phones and mobile hot spots).

Not for All Apps

The cloud is a wonderful place to put software for many, but not for all. There are still some software applications that just work better on …


What Is the Best Beat Making Software?What Is the Best Beat Making Software?

There has been a lot of debate on the best beat making software available on the market today. Most people that use this type of software are musicians wanting to either create a CD or to just make their music sound better. Nevertheless, customers want the best beat making software for as little Beat Making Software a price as they can find. Users will search all over the internet for this type of software, and it is entirely up to the consumer in going about buying.

The Software Will Most Likely Reflect the Company`s Reputation

Since most companies that sell this software are either commonly known names, the sales of the software will most likely reflect the company`s reputation. Let`s say a company like Sony makes this beat maker software, and its rival Pinpoint brings this software for a lower price. Pinpoint may offer a better product at a lower cost, but Sony is a more commonly known brand name, which in turn, will create more sales for the product, even if it is sub-par software.

Enhance One’s Music to A Slight Degree

Nevertheless, customers want the best beat making software that money can buy, right. So, users will do whatever it takes to find the best software, without having to worry about flaws in the software. Most software to make beats with will enhance one’s music to a slight degree, but you can never substitute poor music with a million-dollar beat making software device. If you mix good music with this type of best beat making software, you are almost guaranteed to sound professional, which in turn, will create more exposure.

Depending on the purpose of your music, and whatever the purpose of you wanting this type of software, the intended use will differ from user to user. Someone may want to make their voice sound better, while another may have an instrument they would want to make them sound better. Different people will use different types of software to enhance their music experience; it just depends on the buyer.…


How to Fix a Computer That Runs Too SlowHow to Fix a Computer That Runs Too Slow

Here is another important step for maintaining your personal computer speed. Software Drivers: Software drivers play an important role in how fast and efficient your computer runs. Drivers are small programs that allow various devices like mice, keyboards, speakers disk drives, and software programs to perform.

Updating Your Computer Drivers

Updating your computer drivers is a fairly common computer servicing task that most computer technicians will do when you drop your machine off at their shop for repair. The average computer has a lot of drivers, all needing regular updating. This is good practice regardless of pc performance. The hard way to perform this task is to go through and manually check each program and connected device (good luck and happy trails) or you can do it the easy way and use software to do all the checking and updating for you.

A driver update program walks you through the entire process and updates your complete list of drivers. This program will scan your computer, identify the drivers, search the internet for the update, and install the new driver update in on your computer. All with a few simple clicks. When the process is complete your computer will run more efficiently, making it faster.

Enable New or Updated Features

Updating a driver can also enable new or updated features for the hardware and software installed. This means the internal components inside your computer will run better and the programs running on it will also be more up to date, better versions with fewer quirks and bugs.…


Importance of Studio HeadphonesImportance of Studio Headphones

When you sit back on your computer and listen to the song of Britney Spears on your speaker, then do you feel comfortable? You will certainly not feel quite comfortable. Most of the people like privacy while listening to the song. This is one angle. Let us see the other angle as well. Suppose you are a judge and you want to listen to the song sung by the competitor of any competition and you are the judge. In all these cases you cannot concentrate hard with the help of the speaker. Hence you will certainly require equipment like headphones. The studio headphones are certainly the best gadget for this purpose. In this article, we are going to see why it is so important. There are many points which make the studio headphones to be quite important. Some of the points are as follows:

Use It in the Studio During the Recording Purpose

You will be required to pay attention to each and every aspect of the song. You will have to check each and every beat. Only then you can finally record the song. But is this possible without the effect of the headphone? This is certainly quite impossible and you will not be able to do it. Hence, the headphones are very important.

The situation when Using the Device

There are many more situations when this device is quite important. So let us talk about one such situation. Suppose, you get the chance to work as a DJ. Then it is quite sure that the sound will be deafening. You will not be able to listen to the song properly. And if you will not be able to listen to the song properly then you will certainly not able to use your brain properly. How will you then play the right song? You will not be able to develop the required feeling for which the song is meant. Hence you will not be able to play the right song at the right time. This will definitely be a doubly dying for you. Hence, make sure that you have the headphone and in fact, every DJ is provided with the headphone.

Medical Science

The third situation which is coming to my mind is medical science. There are many situations when we will have to hear the sound. Generally, some device is used to count the heartbeat but sometimes some smart doctors to make the use of the headphones for various purposes. This might look to be a new concept but can be very effective.

These are some of the conditions which definitely prove that the headphones are certainly quite important.…


Improve Slow Computer PerformanceImprove Slow Computer Performance

If you’re looking for a solution to slow computer performance you are bombarded with tips, tricks, tweaks, and techniques that are all over the place. Sure, most of the work, but the first step should always be figuring out which screw is actually loose, so to speak. In the next few paragraphs, I will guide you through a process that helps you figure out what the underlying cause for your slow computer performance is, so you can then pick the right technique from the plethora that are available on the internet.

Check Your Hard Drive Volume

As your hard drive fills up, Windows tends to slow down. Go to My Computer and check your drives for how much space is left. Especially the one where Windows resides (usually C). If there is not much space left (at least 2-3 Gig), you should consider deleting files and programs you no longer need.

Check Your Processes

The first step is to check your running processes. You do that by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del. A small window pops up that will list all running processes, and how many resources they consume. Go through this list and jot down everything you don’t understand. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but as with cars, you can’t fix a computer if you don’t know how it works. Make a shortlist of the processes and then Google them up to see if they are unnecessary or even malicious.

Run Anti-Virus and -Spyware Programs

I’m astounded by the tremendous amount of people who ignore this type of software until it’s too late. If you don’t have a proper virus and spyware protection, simply surfing the web could infect your computer with malware that can slow down the computer.
You should also check your Firewall settings while you’re at it. Activate it if it’s not already active.

Scan Your Registry

Depending on how old the installation of your operating system is or how much you use it, chances are your Windows registry is corrupted. Simply use one of the popular free scans to see if there is anything that could be done.…


Choosing a Customer Relationship Management SystemChoosing a Customer Relationship Management System

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems basically allow you to manage your company or organization. Typically a CRM system will let you:
– keep track of inquiries – log when and how these are turned into sales – keep track of contact details for your customers (including running mail merge campaigns).  You can also get your Customer Relationship Management system to interface with your accounts systems so that it manages to purchase and invoicing. Indeed, the problem when commissioning a Customer Relationship Management system is often knowing when to draw the line.

The Two Choices Available

If you’re looking to implement a CRM system, you have two basic choices. You can either ask a company to write one for you, or you can buy one off-the-shelf (typical suppliers are Mamut, Microsoft Dynamics, , Oracle, SAP and Maximizer). Either way has big pros and cons, so it’s vital you understand the difference between the two. This article considers the pros and cons of each approach under separate headings below.

Buying an Off-the-Shelf System

The obvious advantage of this approach is that you avoid reinventing the wheel: if someone else has already written a complete system, doesn’t it make sense to buy the bits of this that you want? Surely this will make it cheaper to buy a system, and you’ll get a more powerful system into the bargain?
The problem with any off-the-shelf system is that it will do far, far more than you want. You can either license the entire system (and then ignore the 90% of the system that you aren’t using), or you could customize the system to suit your own needs.

The problem with the second approach is knowing what to cut out, and how. When your CRM system has been in place for several years, you’ll be in a perfect position to realize which bits you need and which bits are irrelevant, but when you first commission the system it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to make sensible decisions about what to do. You’ll therefore be at the mercy of the company selling the system, whose main incentive will be to deviate as little as possible from the core product. None of this is a reason not to go for the off-the-shelf approach, but be aware that you will end up with a complex system, which requires you to input more data than you need to. Oh, and watch out for those annual licensing costs.

Building Your Own System

This approach would undoubtedly give better results – if you have an infinite budget. With no limits on the amount of money you have to spend, you could employ a large consultancy to write the perfect system for you, which mirrors your business in every detail.

In practice the above approach isn’t feasible, so you’ll need to think which bits of the system are necessary for your business. Thus for the build-it-yourself approach, you will start with nothing and add the bits you need (rather than starting with everything and getting rid of the bits you don’t need).

Whether the DIY approach works is mostly down to who specifies and builds the CRM system for you. Your supplier will need to understand your business and share your mission to keep the cost and complexity of the system down. Be wary of consultants trying to write the perfect system for you – you’ll end up with the perfect bill.

Our Recommendation

Actually, we don’t have one; or at least, not a one-size-fits-all recommendation. Every CRM system we’ve ever seen has been over-complicated, requiring company staff to input far more data than necessary (which then all too often means that the system falls into disuse). On the other hand, proprietary systems cost a lot of money, which is probably acceptable if the supplier gets it right.

Perhaps our tentative advice would be this: if it’s your own business and you’re trying to skimp and save, go for the proprietary CRM system and make sure you keep it simple; if you work for a company and have a tendency to gilt-edge things, maybe the discipline of fitting into an existing off-the-shelf CRM is what you need.…


Hottest Computer Careers to ApplyHottest Computer Careers to Apply

The demand for computer specializations may change dramatically from time to time. You have to select a specialization that is currently highly sought after. There are the hottest computer careers that you can apply these days. All of them could be a high source of income in this digital era.

Network Administrator

The duties of a network administrator are providing resources to all computers and taking security measures. All you need to do to become a network administrator is to obtain a certification in the field. However, if you want to advance further in your career, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or systems science. On average, a network administrator makes about $58,000 a year.

Computer Programmer

Software programmers can find employment in many different places. This could be manufacturing facilities, engineering companies, industrial plants, and others. The main responsibility of a software programmer is to write instructions to enable computers to process information. If you wish to become a computer programmer, you need to have extensive knowledge. Programming languages such as C, C++, and Java becomes the example to learn.

Software Tester

The number three of the hottest computer careers are software tester.  The job of a software tester is to analyze various kinds of software. This includes testing software performance and identifying bugs in programs. If you decide to pursue a career in software testing, you can expect to earn about $65,000 a year.

Computer Security Specialist

Computer security specialists are also known as information security specialists. Their work involves controlling access to computer networks and protecting important data. To become an effective computer security specialist, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, as well as a good understanding of networking technologies and computer programming. The average salary of a computer security specialist is $80,000 a year.

Computer Forensics Investigator

The job of computer forensics investigators is to collect relevant data from digital media, such as desktops, laptops, PDAs, and mobile phones, for use in criminal proceedings. After collecting the necessary data, they have to write a detailed report on the data and present it in court. If you are interested in pursuing this computer career, you can train with a law enforcement agency. The annual salary of a computer forensics investigator can range from $50,000 to $100,000 a year.…


Choosing the Best Computer Repair CompanyChoosing the Best Computer Repair Company

Someone wakes up in the morning and find his computer cannot work well. What will he think? In fact, he has prepared a lot of things to do and imagined the final result of the projects. The trouble with his computer is really out of consideration. Of course, you need to find out a computer repair company. The great repair service from a reliable company will save time, effort, money, and absolutely helpful to avoid headaches.

Can you find the best suitable PC repair company? Assessing the reputation of a company can be done in several ways, including looking at the services they offer. You can also find the opinions of some customers who have ever used their service. But, you will need more reference if you don’t see the complete reviews. Sometimes, the absence of good testimonials will require you to find more details of the company. It can be the indication that you should choose the other companies.

What is the Best Repair Company Like?

Finding the best computer repair company is actually not much different from finding a good friend. The first criterion of seeking a good computer repair company is the one which can come to you. Are you ready to unplug the PC and pack it up before you load it into your car? Definitely, those things will be really impractical and the good repair company is the one which offers the mobile service for their customers.

Find Someone Who Has the Good Capability to Prove His Quality of Customer Service

The next important thing in finding the best computer repair company is to find someone who has good capability. Instead of making hype on ads at some printed media, the proof is much more important. It is probably possible after you see the final result. But, you can actually assess their honesty from their way of speaking, the way they check the computer, and also their price rate. If everything makes sense, you can trust such a company and even ask them to deal with the troubles which may happen next time.

The experience and also good communication capability are the two next important things which a repair company should have. If a repair company can exist for years or even decades, it is a sign that they are a reliable and good place to go. If you still find many people who come to them to repair their computer, then it is a good indication that you have found what you seek.

The good repairman should be able to communicate closely with you, thus he will become your best friend who accompanies you to get out of such troubles. The good repairman will give some advice for you in dealing with the way to keep the good work of your computer, including the things you should and shouldn’t do. So, you can avoid the worst troubles in future times. Are you ready to search for the best computer repair company on earth?…