“The main one land that men need to see, and getting seen once by a glimpse wouldn’t give that glimpse for that shows of all of those other world combined.”

Mark Twain on Darjeeling

India’s Darjeeling region mesmerizes. Perched within the foothills from the Himalayas around the northern boundary from the condition of West Bengal, the location is famous because of its magnificent tea estates, its meld of British culture and native customs, its astounding sunrise and sunset views from the Himalayan mountain ranges, and it is illustrious trekking along with other adventure activities. Straddling a ridge in an elevation of 2200 m., Darjeeling borders Nepal and Bhutan and hosts a melting pot of regional cultures, including Tibetans, Lamas, Gurungs and Sikkim.

Turning the city right into a Victorian Hill retreat after obtaining Darjeeling in 1835, the British continued to construct manor homes, gingerbread-trimmed cottages and English-style gardens, while developing the region’s world-famous tea growing center. The luxurious eco-friendly tea plantations, set towards the backdrop from the astounding ice-capped mountain vistas, including Kanchenjunga, the earth’s third tallest peak, produce the brushstroke of the picture perfect painting.

Darjeeling, using its breathtaking natural splendor, can also be among the world’s great adventure hubs. From scenic walks to intense trekking, white water rafting and biking, Darjeeling has everything. White water rafting around the Teesta River is popular, with all of rafting levels available. Hiking or biking, you’ll wind the right path between Buddhist villages, while being spellbound through the peaks looming above. Tiger Hill, set in a height of 2590m., affords a scenic day hike to unparalleled sunrise and sunset panoramas of Kanchenjunga and also the eastern Himalayan peaks, colored in pale golds and ochre reds through the sun’s beginning and dusk sun rays. Even mighty Mt. Everest is visible came from here!

The location features unique wildlife adventures. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park is exclusive to India because the only center for that breeding from the rare and delightful snow leopard. Really worth a trip, snow leopard cubs, Ussurian tigers and also the Himalayan Black Bear a few of the creatures among its attractions. Nearby Jaldapau Wildlife Sanctuary features jungle elephant safaris for a range of wildlife recognizing, including one-horned rhinos, pythons and guars. Just beneath Darjeeling, the botanical gardens not just give a marvelous assortment of all downhill flora and orchids, but provide a haven of peace too, when going for a break in the many active adventures available.

The location is full of Buddhist monasteries and temples. No journey here’s complete without a trip to Ghoom, some 10 km. away, in which the Yiga Choeling Monastery lies. Of the Dalai Lama’s sect of Tibetan Buddhism, the monastery houses a massive solid gold Maitreya Buddha, in addition to numerous ancient Tibetan manuscripts. From the high heights, it presents jaw-shedding views of Darjeeling below.

Tea, Darjeeling’s pride and pleasure, is part from the adventure! The region’s 78 tea estates grow the legendary Darjeeling tea, and lots of afford travelers the chance of stays and activities to see the initial Tea Culture hands-on.

A trip to Darjeeling would be to experience nature at its best, while benefiting from a distinctive adventure outdoors. In the finish of the active-filled day, it is best to relax having a aromatic pot of Darjeeling tea while viewing the regal scenery surrounding you.